TotalCheck and Salesforce

Update – May 31, 2010: CRMe has done more work on a TotalCheck plugin for Salesforce!

An experimental version is now ready and for existing TotalCheck customers we will install the current version free of charge! Click here to test drive the application and see the power of TotalCheck which combines the Postal Address File and the White Pages.

Currently, the application will allow Salesforce users to create new Contacts (or Accounts) from an address which has been found through TotalCheck’s database.

Once the application has undergone testing, a beta will be publicly released as a managed Salesforce Application which can be installed through the AppExchange, and more news will be posted here.

TotalCheck integration for NetSuite

We have recently implemented a TotalCheck integration into NetSuite for Green Energy Trading who process data which needs to be submitted correctly to their regulator, and mistakes in addresses would be costly and time consuming.

Our client uses NetSuite for their data processing and required an AMAS certified system for address validation.

See the code in action in a demo environment:

The solution involved creating a server side component which can talk to the NetSuite server. The client side cannot connect directly to another server due to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) limitations of web browsers.

The server side component acts as a proxy which has an unfortunate side effect that it makes the lookups take longer than normal, which is amplified by the fact that NetSuite servers are located in the US, so for Australian users, each lookup has to pass through the US, meaning that if the latency is 0.2 sec, the request will take at least 0.8 sec, on top of the processing time.

Please read the case study by Sensis at Green Energy Trading.